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Tools : BG Protection Plan and more
  • Improve your sales!

    BG SmartVMA®, is powered by BG Products, Inc., is an offer process management system designed
    for customer service professional workers.


    Help dealerships and automotive shops be more efficient and productive.


    Helps automotive shops maintain an organized service department. This means faster, more efficient service for you, the customer.


    Integrates with existing Dealer Management Software technology and recommends necessary vehicle maintenance services based on make, mileage, history and inspection.

    The powerful and revolutionary SmartVMA® user interface can be used on workstations and mobile devices
    anywhere in the service department and includes the following features:

    • Offer management to customers based on vehicle characteristics and mileage
    • Welcoming the customer and updating the vehicle description
    • Customer file information updates for the vehicle
    • Overview of the vehicle service history
    • Easy way to manage the Lifetime BG Plan protection
    • Educational videos for consumers
    • Electronic signature for repair orders
    • Follow up and reminder system (by email)
    • Schedule and confirm appointments
    • Specific multipoints inspection for each vehicle/wireless walk-around inspections
    • Best Presentation of the electronic menu based on the NIV

    These features have two major benefits for SmartVMA users:


    Increase customer loyalty by recognizing the benefits of proper maintenance and the BG Lifetime Protection Plan program


    Standardized processes with the measurement tools in place to ensure continuous improvement


    A must for you and your customers!

    Since the key to success begins with proper training, here is what our training modules offer:

    13 online training courses for technical advisors and 3 modules for technicians

    An animation, a sales simulation, as well as a certification test for each module

    Printable achievement diploma


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