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Filters cleaning and recycling

With more than 40 years of experience in the field and more than 500,000 filters cleaned,
Sefor Inc. offers a filter cleaning and recycling service that is:

  • Economical
    Up to 50% saving compare to the price of a new filter
  • Ecological
    Cleaned filters help maximize the resources and reduce waste and pollution that would have happen otherwise
  • Warranty
    Our method proved itself and with our good expertise, you can be assure of the quality of the cleaned filters
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  • What is the Survey of Filtres Sefor?
    Sefor-Survey is an exclusive software for Sefor inc. which helps to facilitate the management of your filter needs. In fact, this integrated maintenance program is used to make customized sampling of filters for each of your vehicles, trucks, heavy equipment, farm equipment, etc., for your entire fleet.
  • What are the main advantages?
    This personalized service allows the customer to ensure that the filter shown is the right one for the application in question, while allowing a more rigorous inventory control and then avoid running out of filter when you need it.
  • Can I benefit from that?
    The Sefor-Survey from Sefor Inc. is a free service offered to our customers, that includes the help if needed. This service can be install on the customer’s computer system or by the website, depends on the case.
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