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Air precleaners are designed to remove air bone debris from the incoming air before it enters the air induction system of the engine. Several models are available depending on your needs, both for the construction industry and in harsh environments such as mining and forestry or just when a precleaner can be useful.

• Provides fuel economy and reduced emissions as less dirty filters perform better and improve combustion efficiency.

• Extends oil filter life by reducing the amount of contaminant the oil has to handle.

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You can also consult directly Turbo Precleaner’s or Enginaire’s website.

NitroFillTM has developed a tire inflation system with nitrogen, derived from motor racing and aeronautics. The inflation of the tires with nitrogen allows gasoline savings, ensures better safety and avoids premature tire wear by increasing their service life by more than 30%. It should be noted that nitrogen is neither combustible nor corrosive and can be used in all vehicles.

Here are some of NitroFillTM parts and equipment we distribute:

  • Equipment
    (On wheels model)
  • Special caps for tires
  • Quick connect adaptor

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