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Target market

A company can not exist for more than 40 years without having a good reputation!
This is why many of our customers have been with us since our beginnings.
We take this opportunity to thank our dear customers for their loyalty!

You want to know if our products or services are made for you?

Service de filtres Sefor inc. is not only specialized in filtration and lubrication, but also in the distribution of preventive maintenance products and services for the automotive and industrial sectors, as well as for heavy vehicles.

Find out about all the industries we serve

  • Automotive industry

    • Dealerships

    • Workshop

    • Vehicles fleet

  • Mining industry

    All the equipment of the mining industry, either open pit or underground.

  • Construction & earthwork

    We can meet the needs of most of the construction and earthwork industry, including:

    • Excavation companies

    • Snow removal companies

    • Crushing plants

    • Road infrastructure equipments

    • Etc.

  • Agriculture

    All agricultural equipment, such as farm tractors, combines, etc.

  • Transportation

    All type of trucks, bus and maintenance equipment.

  • Other industries & applications

    We also serve:

    • Companies with industrial ventilation system, dust collectors, etc.

    • Manufacturing industries

    • Wood industries (mills, sawmills, etc.)

    • As well as boats and RVs care.

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