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Frequently asked questions

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General questions
  • How to become a Sefor Inc customer?

    Simply communicate with our customer service who will guide you according to your needs, to the right representative. Be assure of the personalized service you will receive!

  • How to place an order ?

    We offer lot of possibilities regarding your preference. Just click on the Contact section of this website to use our Order form, or for our phone number/fax number to contact us. You can also contact your representative at anytime for specific needs and learn more about our products and services.

  • How can I get the safety data sheet for the products I bought from you?

    Consult the Products section and click on “Safety Data Sheets”.

  • What are the advantages of making business with Sefor inc.?

    There are many advantages. Either for our excellent customer service, for the quality of our products and equipments, the shipping offer or our prices. Find out everything by clicking on the Your Advantages with Sefor section.

  • Why buy my filters at Service de filtres Sefor inc., rather than elsewhere?

    Because Sefor has an experienced team and has been working in this industry for over 40 years, providing you with remarkable expertise and service. In addition, as the name suggests, choosing Service de filtres Sefor inc is precisely choosing the unbeatable service, which makes a lot of the added value of doing business with us.

  • Do you do Air filters cleaning?

    YES ! We are specialized in this industry. You can get all the information on our cleaning and recycling services on our website: FILTRESSEFOR.CA

  • Can you find the equivalence of the filters I use right now?

    Yes, Baldwin Filters has more than 7000 different filters models. We can then cover 99% of the market.

  • Are the Baldwin Filters under warranty?

    Yes, Baldwin Filters Inc. provides a warranty for all of its new filters and agrees to replace without charge, any defective filter and if applicable, assume the cost of repairs that would be due to the filter in question (when this apply / following a claim procedure).

  • Are your recycled filters under warranty? If so, which one?

    Service de Filtres Sefor inc. has a Filter Safe© process that ensures the quality of the cleaned filters, as well as liability insurance.

  • Can you determine which oil to use for a given vehicle / equipment?

    Of course, usually the vehicle manufacturer’s data is the best information for choosing the lubricant. But in some cases, without this information, we need to do additional researches.

    But with our years of experience and support from our supplier and chemist affiliates, we always find a solution and determine the right product for you!

  • Can you find a replacement for the lubricant I am currently using?

    Yes, as long as the new product meets the specifications (SAE or others) of the previous manufacturer. We generally suggest a superior product to improve the performance of the equipment.

    In addition, we are fortunate to be one of the most respected lubricant manufacturers in the industry, so you can be confident about the product.

  • Are all lubricants of the same quality and should the price influence our choices?

    The quality of the products is not always the same and varies according to the manufacturers.

    Although the majority meet the specifications, some will opt for the minimums required while others for the maximums. For example, an ISO 32 hydraulic oil can be produced with a useful life of 6,500 hours, while another will have a duration of 1,500 hours.

    With our expertise in the field, be assured that we offer our customers the best products with the best quality / price ratio, while ensuring the good performance of the suggested products.

Preventive maintenance : BG products
  • Why doing preventive maintenance on vehicles?

    To help maintain their life and performance longer. Thanks to our products and services, as well as the support of our specialists, you will have the resources to protect your investment by maintaining it properly.

  • What is the difference between the BG products and other similar products?

    You benefit from products / equipment offering the best possible performance, which is to your advantage and your customers too! Indeed, BG Products Inc. is distinguished by the excellence of its products and equipment at the cutting edge of technology.

    In addition, BG Products Inc. is ISO9001, 14001 and OSHA18001 certified. And the BG Lifetime Protection Plan for BG Maintenance Services is the ultimate proof that the company has absolute confidence in the quality of its products and their efficiency.

  • What is the difference between the BG equipment and other similar equipment?

    In fact, we can’t compare our equipment to others, as they outperform them by the quality of their design and the ease of operation they offer. Not only are they easy to use, but the results are incomparable. To ensure quality maintenance services and increase the efficiency of your operations, these are the BG equipment you need!

  • What is the difference between your services from other companies selling products to the automotive professionals?

    First, we difference ourselves by the high quality of the products we offer, but also through the professionalism of our representatives and our personalized customer service. Also, our after-sales service includes technical support and our training and tools aim to optimize your productivity and sales to ensure a business relationship in which everyone is a winner.

  • Can the BG products be used in all type of applications?

    Yes! Either for automobiles, industrial applications or heavy trucks, BG offers services and products used by every type of industry.

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